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fitness testing


Taking into account your medical and health history, I will run various tests that will allow me to prescribe suitable exercises at the appropriate intensity.  The tests will identify your strengths and weaknesses, your current fitness levels, and will highlight areas for improvement.  They will also set a baseline from which we can monitor your progress.  The tests will include;


heart rate monitoring to identify heart rate training zones

blood pressure readings

body composition analysis

flexibility tests

cardiorespiratory tests

muscular strength and endurance tests


I will repeat the fitness tests at various times throughout your time training with me, so that I can monitor your progress and adapt your training as you progress.


* If required you may need to obtain consent from your GP before we can start any fitness training


personal training


I will prescribe exercises specifically designed to suit you and the things you want to focus on.  This means that we can achieve the best results as quickly as possible.  Sessions can include some of all or the following;


cardio training

strength exercises

muscle building exercises

postural exercises

sports specific training



Sessions will last for one hour, and will include a warm-up, before the main training session, followed by a cool down and stretch.  Throughout our sessions, I will continue to re-evaluate your goals, monitor your progress, adapt your training, motivate you and devise a programme that you can follow between sessions, I will supply any equipment that we use during the sessions, and will be available to answer any queries or questions you have between sessions.


fitness for endurance sports


I will prescribe effective functional exercises specifically designed to improve your performances in your triathlon, running, cycling or swimming events and help to reduce injury.  Incorporating my Strength and Conditioning sessions into your regular training programme will increase your muscular strength and optimise the efficiency of every movement maximising your training and racing potential.


running coaching


If you are new to running or looking to improve your marathon time, I can;


analyse and adjust your current running form and technique to improve efficiency and reduce the chances of injury

create a training programme which takes in your lifestyle, commitments and goals

give you variety of training, allowing gradual progression safely and enjoyably

give advice on tapering, nutrition, recovery, stretching, pacing, etc

prepare you for your race or event


diet control


I can carry out nutrition and dietary analysis taken from analysing your food intake over a specific time period (you would need to record everything you eat in a food diary).  This will enable me to develop a nutritional plan tailored specifically to you and your needs to help with;


weight loss

weight gain

increasing muscle size

increasing energy levels



If you have any questions about training or what you are interested in doesn't appear above, please contact me, click here